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Our actions thanks to the Kookie community

Every time you buy "Kookie" with me, you are actively supporting endangered animals, their environments and the climate in general.

With the GreenTeam, we have a target of 30 actions over the next five years. Because above all, we want our children to be able to see endangered animals, and my fellow animals to be able to frolic in the wild for a long time to come.

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We are at the beginning of a necessary change for our planet, the buying habits must change. All this is also thanks to you, thank you for your presence on the site, for being interested in me and my projects on a daily basis @kookie.greenteam !

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Planning our actions

31 DECEMBER 2021

A donation will be made for their sloths, their activities supporting biodiversity and the rainforest in Belize.


28 FEBRUARY 2022

Sponsorship of the care centre to support the La Garenne Foundation.

30 APRIL 2022

Donation to the Chain of Happiness.

31 AUGUST 2022

Support against discrimination and the poor.

31 DECEMBER 2022

La nature a besoin de nous.

30 AVRIL 2023

To make a difference, we will make a donation together.

A new action

30 AOÛT 2023

I will inform you about the next action on the website and through my networks!
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The GreenTeam's efforts





Moving towards the creation of the Kookie Foundation

Its priority mission will be the reforestation of forests, which have suffered from fires due to climate change.

My goal is to reach 50'000 CHF, to enable me to have the necessary funds to create the foundation. This will allow the GreenTeam to roll up its sleeves and get together to save our threatened environment. Becoming a donor with Kookie is above all becoming an active member of the GreenTeam, being part of the adventure and helping the Kookie Foundation to accomplish its missions of preserving forest biodiversity.

The gift comes from the heart, not from fortune.

What we decide and do today will determine the future of tomorrow.

" Lazy Kookie "


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By making a donation you will become part of the heart of the Greenteam, if you are a company send us your logo by e-mail to